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(CAVEAT: This is a draft. It may get updated. Feel free to suggest improvements.)

In the last month or so, I’ve twice seen conversations in which the following pattern occurred:

  1. Person A says something from which a reader might conclude that Person B is trans.
  2. Person B does not visibly respond or notice.
  3. Person C makes public drama about Person A “outing” the trans person.
  4. Persons D through G, who had not noticed the original claim, find out about it through Person C’s public drama.

One of these happened in chat in Rift. In that case, the trans person in question was in fact already “out”, although she did not make a big point of reminding everyone, so not everyone knew, but there was no intent to keep it a secret. She hadn’t been outed, but she found the extra attention of fifteen minutes of discussion of whether she had been “outed” rather unpleasant.

The other involves the D&D 5e flame wars. In these, someone had at one point blogged about having been harassed by a person, and gave several screen names that person had used, plus two names they’d used in publications. Someone accused her of “outing” them. In this case, by contrast, I don’t actually even know, or particularly think it is any of my business, whether the person is trans. What I do care about is that people in the thread accusing the blogger of “outing” someone were reporting that they had not drawn the conclusion that the alleged victim was trans.

Because SCIENCE!! is good even if you can’t do a proper control group, I’ve asked a couple of people I know who were previously unaware of this debacle to look into things which would cause them to encounter the person in question, and gotten feedback. To avoid any bias introduced by the tendency of many people not to even think of someone being trans as an option, I asked only people who were themselves trans.

Responses: So far, all of them have come up with both names and suggested that one appears to be a pseudonym or pen name for the other. None of them have come up with the suggestion that the presence of these two names indicates any particular likelihood that the person with these two names is trans. All have observed that it’s not really possible to “out” someone by referring to the two names under which they currently have works in print and the like.

But it is possible to “out” them by telling everyone that those two names are a result of them being trans, not just publication credits or pen names.

… Assuming they’re trans. They might be, they might not be. I don’t know, and it remains none of my business.

So, where am I going with this?

Don’t Do That.

If you think someone may have been outed, do not make a public scene about them being outed, because you will be exchanging doubt for certainty. Contact the person who made the remarks, privately, to point out why you think this might out someone, and ask them to change it if the medium permits it. Contact the person who may have been outed to alert them. Then… stop. You’re done. You did your part. You acted in a way which could potentially reduce either the probability or the amount of harm.

Unless someone specifically tells you that they are done not-being-out, and are specifically okay with their identity being the primary topic of a discussion, do not start new discussions about how they have been outed. Even if you’re really mad. Especially if you’re really mad; reasoned judgment is not one of the hallmarks of anger. Even if you think it was done on purpose. Because the goal here should not be to maximize harm to someone you’re mad at, it should be to protect someone who might be endangered.

If you think that someone is likely to out other people, then it may make sense to see whether there are people they have outed who are now okay with talking about it, and whether those people want to be used as examples. If they don’t, well. You can make vague assertions and hope for the best, or you can be quiet and hope for the best. But do not take it upon yourself to use someone else’s identity being leaked as a way to attack people.

This is especially true when dealing with Internet drama, where it’s quite common for people to have one or more names of different genders for reasons that have nothing at all to do with being trans.

Thank you.

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Still here. Slightly longer update on my dreamwidth/LJ. I haven’t really been able to get to the library/online, also it is very hot out.


Quick sketch of Aradia acting as a medium from othercat’s fanfic, contra legem! I might clean it up later—I know that there are some inaccuracies.

I do not remember if I reblogged this, but look, I has fanarts!

So I asked about losing my titles with They say there is no plan to remove titles. Then I get a notification stating that they will be removing my titles in thirty days.

This is mildly confusing.

The reason I’m still fussing about this is because I really want to write and can’t write what I want because of a lack of access to a computer (as in, all day access where I don’t have to worry about the damn computer being stolen)and also most of the time not being able to write because of brain worms. (Not literal brain worms, my usual cycles of depression and anxiety which I am told is bipolar disorder.)

I’ve made a few stabs at finding a job via st. Joseph the Worker which is a agency working out of the Cass human resource center where I get dropped off every day. I am also still attempting to get the records I need for my disability appeal. The problem I am having currently with the job search is the curfew at the place I am staying, which is three p.m. My caseworker is going to attempt to put me in something called residential housing. (Which means I’ll be getting lots of therapy/help dealing with the mental health issues…hopefully) She wants me to get into vocational rehab but even with vocational rehab there is no guarantee of me finding work. (Also, I am not sure I can get loans for vocational rehab.)

The list of things I am currently worried about is very long.

I really wish there was somewhere I could stay, and finally get my self together.

A new friend at the shelter has offered to let me stay with her when she finds a place. I am cautiously hopeful about this.

She has talked me into reading Cassandra Clare. *anticipates mass unfriending from the few folks still reading this.*

At this point I have extremely limited computer access so I’ll be posting even less frequently than I have been. I am also going to be losing my titles due the aforementioned computer access issues at also to other difficulties such as finding time and a place to write. I’ll probably begin putting my old articles onto my blogs, which means there will be a few more repeats as I post the new urls. 

Hopefully I can get some kind of a system set up.



Potential Homestuck ending #434 #2: corpse after-party.

LE has literally been lampshaded.

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I will attempt to write something more coherent later.

At the moment I am at an over flow shelter that drops off at a homeless resource campus. The curfew is three pm, and you have to leave the facility by 7:30 am. I have been running around all week attempting to get everything in order but it is very difficult. I canceled an appointment I was not supposed to cancel and I am more or less terrified of getting lost in the part of town I’m currently in. I attempted to sign up for job assistance but was told that since I am applying for disability this might not be a good move. On the other hand, I know that it is possible to make money while you are on disability. I will have to call the number I was given and try to get an appointment.

Currently, where I am in the disability process is “denied” which means I need to fill out the appeal in the next sixty days. I am going to try to get some doctor/medical reports to give when I go in to get help with filling out the appeal paperwork. I was given a number to call to ask if they can help me with the paperwork/my case. This is because the place I went to on the campus is kind of understaffed.

Right now I kind of hate my life and everything in it. Thank you to everyone who was able to help. (Hearing from someone who could possibly cheer me up would not go amiss.)

So, most of this week I have been at a hospital called Aurora Behavioral Health. This happened after a meltdown at my clinic in which I admitted to having suicidal ideation. When I got checked into the hospital I called the land lady of the halfway house. She said she understood my situation and that I wouldn’t get in trouble because of my not making curfew. She also mentioned giving me a time limit to get a job when I got back. So I thought I was safe except for the time limit and my case manager also thought I was safe.

Sadly, I was not. When I got back the the halfway house I found my stuff parked out in the living room and I was given an ultimatum to get out. My case manager managed to get me another night staying there but has of course not found me a new place yet. I was told to find a shelter, which I was able to do after calling the shelter hotline. (At least I was told there was a bed available we will see when I arrange a ride later.) An interesting thing is that this place does not give out an address.

Landlady still has my damned foodstamp card. I’m told she’ll be bringing it around noon. It’s probably empty but I would still like to have it back, dammit.

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The Cloud Roads is a fantasy adventure of the improbable yet awesome geography variety. There are floating islands, multiple sentient species and ships that fly. This book reminded me a great deal of Laurie J. Marks Delan, the Mislaid and its sequels, mostly for the multiple sentient species, but also because our protagonist is an outsider alien to both his own kind
and also to the people with whom he keeps trying to make connections.

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PAWN OF PROPHECY is the first novel in a High Fantasy series called the BELGARIAD, by David Eddings. The intent of the writer was to create a “realistic” epic fantasy. Whether or not he succeeded is—debatable. PAWN OF PROPHECY is one of the first fantasy novels I ever read, and the BELGARIAD itself was a huge favorite of mine. Unfortunately, as I’ve noted elsewhere there are actually quite a few problems with it as far as plot and “worldbuilding” goes. Despite the problems it’s entertaining and a very popular series and has managed to stay in print for years.

 AUTHOR 1: I hate Tolkien have interesting Ideas about High Fantasy so I will write a fantasy series where I address all the problems I think there are in High Fantasy based on my reading of THE HOBBIT!

AUTHOR 2: I will be a background figure who won’t even get name credit for years and when I do, I will be blamed for Author 1’s tendency to beat dead horses!

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Daybreak 2250 A.D. (aka Star Man’s Son) is one of the first books I read by Andre Norton. I first read it when I was fifth grade and for some reason, it was in the adult section of the Library. (The novel actually has a “young adult” feel to it, and one of the hard back editions actually has illustrations.) After re-reading it, I found that it had aged very well, even with the “post-apocalyptic neo-barb syntax,” that makes everyone sound like movie
-western Indians type “eloquent.” The general message is the importance of cooperation between groups of people and not judging people by how they look. (There is also some commentary about race, presented in a very subtle fashion.) Our Hero is one Fors of the Puma Clan of a tribe of neo-barbarians of a community called “The Eyrie.”

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I wanted to give Firebird a chance, really I did. I have a fondness for Lewis’ Space Trilogy and will always have a soft spot for Zenna Henderson. I honestly wanted to give this book a chance, even though the preface did not impress me very much. (It offers a solemn disclaimer that this is an imaginary story about God having created multiple planets instead of Earth. The disclaimer also states that this is basically New Testament fan fiction, and is about an Evil Religion and a Good, Real Religion.) Our heroine is a noblewoman named Firebird Angelo.

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The Goddess Chronicle does not go anywhere, and I am pretty sure it is not supposed to. Our protagonist is a young woman named Namima. She is dead and has been dead for a very long time. She serves a goddess who is dead and has been dead for a long time. Both our protagonist and her goddess have a lot in common besides being dead; both were betrayed by
the men in their lives, and this book is mostly about how they were betrayed and what they did about it. (Spoiler: This is a very literary fantasy by which I mean there is nothing but ennui all the way down and no one cares.)

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