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In the April 9 and 10th Homestuck updates, John is going places

Homestuck has been getting a lot of large updates in the past few days, updates that included a revelation that the secret treasure Vriska had been pursuing was a literal plot hole, major breakages of the fourth wall, Spades Slick heading for the new session with the Felt and Ms. Paint in tow, and an increasingly impatient narrator. 

For the April 10th and 11th Homestuck updates John gets knocked out of the panel

There was a second update on April 10th. In this update we have Caliborn crowing with giddy triumph because he has finally gotten two huge muscle bound minions he feels are worthy of him. (They are worthy largely because they are huge and muscle bound.) The narrator is mysteriously mute, where in the past he had been impatiently attempting to get Caliborn to have a character arc. 

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This poem came to mind. >_>;

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It may or may not be a game. Could not figure out how to do anything except detach magnifier. Said, “fuck it” because the music is super annoying.

I noticed I missed part of the update when I saw all the cute references

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I’m refreshing the page. With my luck there are already too many people doing the update and I will not be able to get on for a while. (6:45 pm)

I’m having trouble with loading it. This is not surprising. (6:51 pm)

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Spoilerspace, because.

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She is giving me Feelings. Oddly enough (or not so oddly, given the impersonation she did of Vriska), she also giving me Vriska Feelings.  

I am just about as confused as Terezi, and my brain is otherwise spinning in circles.

Why do I think she’s adorable? I mean, I don’t approve of her wanting to perforate Roxy, but she’s so coddamned adorable.

Can’t let your guard down for a second, or you’ll get served like a dude on butler island. —Homestuck update 11/30/11
I am dead of giggling. Also, it seems that Lusii (or whatever the appropriate plural is) do not stop growing throughout their life span.